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    We design long- lasting collections, characterized by details that endure time. Our chairs and small components are characterised not only by a unique and modern design, but they also ensure a total comfort, following the Made in Italy tradition.

    Livoni proposes its own collection, but also realizes custom made products according to customer request, unique pieces and exclusive series that satisfy architects and designers demands. Livoni collection expertly matches the needs of the hospitality furniture industry, supplying furniture both to big chain stores and niche markets.

    Manufacturing wooden chairs is our knowledge and our strong passion since 1895

    The Livoni history started in 1895, in Corno di Rosazzo - Friuli Venezia Giulia. In 1910 the small artisanal workshop, belonging to Edoardo Livoni, turned itself in a proper factory that in the following year obtained its first recognition. Time passed and the company overcomed two World Wars before reaching the gold years : in 1960, about 120 workers and 60 seat-cane workers worked for Livoni. From that time to the 90s, the prevailing markets have been the italian and german ones, and Europe markets in general.

    Quality wooden chairs: then as now,always looking at the future

    A family owned-company for more than a century, in 1997 Livoni was acquired by Marco and Maurizio Zilio, at the same time chair – workers for more than three generations. A new upgrading phase began, both in technical drawing and in production processes, with the introduction of numerical control machines (CNC machines). The only thing that has neer changed in the Livoni history is the passion and love for the Made in Italy concept, the artisanal inspiration and the entire support of a supply chain that keeps the wooden chair as its leading product.

    the team

    maurizio zilio


    enrico quendolo


    daniela riitano

    sales manager

    lisamaria d’angelo

    Sales Manager

    cora vidoni del mestre

    Sales Manager

    tatiana valentini

    Payroll Manager

    luciana benet


    flavio vidoni del mestre

    Quality Control Manager

    federico zilio

    Quality Control Manager

    livio anton

    Logisitcs Manager

    vito bizzoco


    michael bernardis


    marco boga


    matteo del negro


    omar vidali


    gualtiero bernardis


    cristina boldrini



    Livoni has always paid a strong attention on the sustainability concept and on the respect for our environment.
    The wood used – beech wood, ash wood, oak wood and walnut wood- comes from European forests which are responsibly managed and FSC ® certified (Forest Stewardship Council ®). Also all the fabrics and leathers used have a low environmental impact and for this reason are eco-friendly, as well as the stains used on all of our products.
    Ask FSC ® certified products


    Livoni chairs are CATAS certified for safety, resistance and durability.
    CATAS is a research centre situated in San Giovanni al Natisone-Udine and in Lissone –Brianza. It performs chemical analysis and mechanical tests on furnishing products. It is considered the best test and research laboratory in Europe.
    UL (UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES INC.) Is today an independent organization of safety certifications, based in Northbrook.
    It develops standards and tests for products, materials, components, and tools, with an emphasis on safety. Evaluates and certifies the production efficiency of a company thanks to a management analysis program.
    The affixing of the UL mark certifies that Underwriters Laboratories Inc. has tested representative samples of a product. It has assessed its suitability for standards, in relation to the potential risks of fire, electric shock, mechanical hazards and OSHA regulations.
    It also testifies to compliance with US and Canadian safety standards. Every year in the world over 20 billion products receive the UL mark, which turns out to be one of the most recognized symbols for consumers, becoming the synonym of guarantee of safety and quality of the product itself. At the same time, for companies, being able to affix the UL mark testifies to the investment in the safety and quality of their products, adding value to the corporate image.

    contact us

    LIVONI E. & figlio s.r.l. Unipersonale
    via Papa Giovanni, 8 33040 Corno di Rosazzo (Udine) – Italy
    T. +39 0432 759055 – F. +39 0432 759314
    P.IVA 00150870301 - REA UD-49503
    livoni@pec.livoni.it - cap. soc. 50.000€
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