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    interview to daniela riitano

    Daniela Riitano


    Which product are you most fond of? Heart and/or marketing?
    With heart the Frantz, my favourite!

    From a marketing perspective, there are many products that are fascinating to me. The Livoni collection allows us to grant a huge offer and satisfy a much broader demand.

    Sharing with interior designers the choices of multiple products for different areas of a project means a great capability to complete and add value to the designed space. 

    Strong identity, high quality and good taste. 

    What is it that you are most passionate about working and being in Livoni?
    The opportunity to bring out people’s talent and creativity, directing them to an organized and valuable result.

    As well looking at all those aspects necessary to communicate the identity and historicity of the Company.

    If you weren’t in Livoni, what other local entity would you like to contribute to?
    Our region because is our garden.

    I would like to enhance this area by transforming it into something within everyone’s reach: maybe create fabrics that reflect these secret gardens and bring them into fashion.

    Livoni in a word?
    A great value: human relation!