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    The first standing chair designed with the contribution of users, 3-star ergonomic certificate and class 1 medical device. It was born in the industrial sector to try to solve a real problem of workers who are forced to work standing in a static position. The PERFECTO project was conceived and subsequently developed to cope with the ever more frequent occurrence of musculoskeletal pathologies related to the performance of work activities carried out in an upright but static posture, or sedentary and prolonged over time. of the static posture, erect or seated, may involve biomechanical overload on the lumbar spine, which mainly affects the lumbar sacral tract. This overload is manifested in the loss of intradiscal cushioning capacity with consequent loss of elasticity and stabilization / load support. In an ergonomic perspective, the ISO 11226 and ISO 14738 standards emphasize the importance of the possibility of varying posture during the work cycle. In this scenario, the idea of ​​PERFECTO was born, or an ergonomic product that allows postural variation on the one hand, and on the other, by virtue of the wide seat adjustment range, the maintenance of a posture with low disc overload.

    The patented tilting base guarantees a wide freedom of movement of the upper limbs (to work both frontally and laterally) limiting, thanks to the particular shape of the base, the risk of tipping / sliding / falling back and side by accompanying dynamically the forward inclination of the operator.


    1x pack
    8 kg net


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